This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 315744

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PHOTEK, established in 1991 in the United Kingdom, and employing 46 people is one of the 22 world’s leading manufacturers of photon detectors. PHOTEK sells and manufactures Image Intensifiers, Photomultipliers, Streak Tubes, open faced detectors, camera systems and a range of associated electronics. PHOTEK’s current markets include Physics (High energy, Particle, Nuclear), Defence, Physical chemistry, Bioluminescence, Space Science and Material and Biological inspection with established sales worldwide. PHOTEK’s products have been installed in some of the world’s most prestigious companies and research institutes including, CERN, Fermilab, NASA, ESA, Rutherford Appleton Labs, LLNL, LANL, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge to name a few.

PHOTEK is a well-established SME in the field of low-level light detection. PHOTEK MCP-based detectors are used all over the world for VMI spectrometers and recently PHOTEK has increasingly received enquiries about open face detectors targeted to ultrafast laser science. PHOTEK, as a custom detector manufacturer has identified a market for VMI detection systems, which will lead to a significant profit increase by entering this market. However, PHOTEK does not have the expertise, manpower or resources to do the development internally, thus subcontracting of the RTDs is essential.

Role in the consortium/project
PHOTEK has experience in the development and manufacture of detectors for the high speed imaging of photons and charged particles. The company’s expertise includes the fabrication of the electronics required to drive and readout the detector.
PHOTEK will work with MBI to take the existing detector design and apply its engineering expertise with the aim of being able to develop a detector system which is efficient for manufacture and can be offered commercially.
The project complements the company strategic plan, and increases PHOTEK’s experience in practical applications of VMI detection systems.

Expected benefits from the project
The VMI type of detector designed by MBI would increase PHOTEK’s product offerings to the attosecond laser market segment. The specific detector in the project would also enable PHOTEK to acquire experience in capillary gas delivery to the detector which the company currently does not possess. These abilities fit in with other work being performed as part of the company’s strategic plan.
PHOTEK has identified VMI as an emerging analytical technique with a much broader base than attosecond laser applications. By developing a commercial version of the detector used in this project, PHOTEK will apply the detector technology to other market segments with a corresponding increase in sales of detectors and systems to the scientific analysis market.



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