This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 315744

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AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES is a French SME, with more than 50 employees, leader in the field of industrial femtosecond laser design, manufacturing and sales. AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES has been one of the first companies to introduce industrial femtosecond lasers on the market, is recognized as a world leader in its field, and has pioneered many new products over the years. AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES offers a unique combination of scientific expertise and industrial background, which is of primary importance for the successful completion of the program.
Markets include scientific applications such as cellular imaging, and high-end industrial applications of ultrafast lasers. AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES has sales in Europe, Asia and the United States. Products include ultrafast Ytterbium diode-pumped lasers, using crystals as the amplifier medium, as well as high power fiber lasers.

AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES has identified tunable high speed ultrafast lasers as a very attractive market opportunity, but, as a SME, does not have the necessary resources to pursue the required research in this domain.

Role in the consortium
AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES has experience in the coordination of collaborative research projects and will act as the coordinator in the FLAME project. AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES will be in charge of the high power fibre laser development within WP1.

Expected benefits from the project
The FLAME project will allow AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES with two important specifications, ultrashort pulse duration, and wavelength tenability, which are today not reachable with the company’s current technology. These two additional capabilities will provide expanded market opportunities to the company.




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