This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 315744

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The main phases of the project are:

  • Research and technological development (WP1 to WP3)
    o WP1 Femtosecond laser seeding of the high power 1 micron laser
    o WP2 Optical parametric amplification systems
    o WP3 Detection technology
  • Technology demonstration and transfer to the SME partners (WP4)
  • Exploitation and dissemination (WP5)
  • Consortium management (WP6)

In order to ensure the highest efficiency of the program, WP2 and WP3 will start simultaneously with WP1, using lower repetition rate (lower power) laser systems currently in possession of the RTD partners.


Research, technological development and innovation activities:
WPs 1 to 3 are related to Research and Technology Development (RTD).

  • WP1 is led by one of the SME partners, AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES, and is related to laser development by AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES and FEMTOLASERS.
  • WP2 is led by MBI for APE, FEMTOLASERS and AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES. CNRS also participates in WP2.
  • WP3 is led by PHOTEK. Substantial RTD is carried out by MBI.

Technology demonstration and transfer activities:
WP4 is entirely dedicated to demonstration technology transfer activities, with the aim to:

  • Validate and demonstrate to the SME partners the main system performances to prepare for commercialization.
  • Demonstrate the technologies developed within WP1 to WP3 to potential users.
  • Ensure technology transfer to the SME partners of the technologies developed in WP1 to WP3.

Exploitation and dissemination activities:
Workpackage WP5 includes the following activities:

  • Dissemination of results through a dedicated web site, press releases, conferences and publications, as well as a final project seminar.
  • Formulate and periodically update an exploitation plan working towards its realization
  • IP management
  • Ensure efficient training to the SME partners of the technologies developed in WP1 to WP3.

Consortium management activities:
WP6: Project management, to ensure that the rights of the SME partners are preserved and risk management.